Testimonies from the Courts of Heaven

I want to thank Dr. Cook and his team for ministering to me. We had our session in the fall of 2019. In March of 2020 my husband received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Since the years that have followed God has brought so much healing to ourselves and our marriage and other relationships. We now have a beautiful daughter, have bought a house, and  God has blessed my husband’s business so much that I can stay home and raise my daughter and our future children. God has also connected us with amazing ministries, podcasts, etc. to help us renew our minds and apply God’s wisdom and supernatural power in our lives. They also help us deepen our relationships with God, our good good Father. Although we have had challenges throughout the years, God does not cause them. However he does use each one to make us better and more prosperous. Yay God!

Thank you!

Elizabeth S.

New Jersey


Dear Dr. Cook,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my profound gratitude for your enlightening book, “Prayers For Cleansing Ancestral Bloodlines in the Court of Heaven.” Initially, I must admit, I was hesitant to delve into its pages. It was only upon the recommendation of my pastor, Dr. Jamal Bryant of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Stonecrest, Georgia, that I began this transformative journey. Your book arrived in my life as a beacon, guiding me through uncharted spiritual territories. The revelations it bestowed upon me were nothing short of miraculous. One night, I experienced a prophetic dream, a vision of my ancestors gathered around a table, seemingly awaiting my arrival. It was as if they were surprised yet elated that someone from our lineage had finally shown up. As I turned each page, your words resonated with a truth that pierced my heart, revealing the hidden threads of my heritage was overwhelming initally. The prayer templates you provided were not just words; they were keys unlocking doors to profound insights and healing. Your work has irrevocably altered the fabric of my existence. I now view my lineage with newfound reverence and understanding, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for the wisdom imparted through your writing. It has been a tremendous support and a source of awe, allowing me to witness aspects of my ancestry that were previously obscured.

With deepest appreciation,

Monica Martin Fletcher

Albany, GA

Engaging the Courts of Heaven through prayer was a life-changing experience for me. While the
fruit took time to develop, there have been several significant breakthroughs, which I attribute to
this experience. One is increased peace. Another is increased confidence (and hope) in what God
can do in and through me). I also saw breakthrough in my business, which can be quantified.
Annual revenues increased 300% from the year before, and gross profit increased 500% —
although I did nothing new. Instead, seeds of relationship I’d planted a decade or more earlier,
finally started to bear fruit. I’m so grateful for this life-changing experience. To God be the
Melissa M.
South Carolina


On February 2, 2020, I went into the Courts of Heaven with Dr. Bruce and the Hendersons. The
session lasted five hours. Dr. Bruce was very well prepared and had already conducted some
research on my family name. I had been praying to have my heart ready, and receive more
revelation of what was coming down my bloodlines that was impacting my life today. The team
was sweet and patient with me; I was quite nervous, as I didn’t know what to expect exactly. We
started with prayers, then went into the Courts and started going through family iniquities. Never
did I feel rushed. Several members from the Cloud of Witnesses were there, including Joan of
Ark (who happens to be my hero in the faith).
Since that session, my life has radically changed, as well as my kids’. I am freer than I have ever
been, and not only that but I also have walked into the ministries that God had for me all along. I
have written and published two books. I have taken my position to walk into my own destiny.
My body has been healed. My soul is at peace. Best of all, my legacy is walking into healing as
well. Both my kids are back to serving Christ.
I would recommend and I have recommended this session to anyone dealing with prodigal sons
and daughters, health issues, repetitive iniquities – ex: tendency to addictions, family-based
challenges that seem to keep occurring, etc….
You don’t have to live with the yokes of the past!
Florence M.
Rhode Island

Great to hear from you, life has been so much better after dealing with bloodline issues! The
most obvious difference for me is that there used to be a feeling of a burden on most days
weighing on my heart but it’s gone after COH prayers and I feel at peace and light.

I think this year, I was able to hear God’s voice more clearly and in sentences and paragraphs.
Also, He was speaking to me frequently in dreams and telling me areas of myself which I can
work on. My health and finances have improved, too. Only one cyst is left in my follow up on
endometriosis. There used to be three. I also felt like my joints and ligaments reversed 10-15
years in age. I used to suffer from dull aches in my wrist and ankle joints and some ligaments,
but they are quite a rare occurrence nowadays.
God has also been providing me with extra income which was not the result of any form of
employment! This is quite interesting as it has never happened before! I’ve also been reading up
in the area of prophetic gifts and their applications. Holy Spirit started off with the book about
mantles by Robert Henderson. I didn’t even know this book existed and I was equally clueless
what a mantle really was. Your book on the prophetic provided a fantastic overview and
foundation of the subject.
Anyway, I hope you guys are safe and doing well in the States. Please send my regards to Mark,
Estelle and Denny!
Shannon C.

I did a COH session in 2021 and the experience was really eye opening. Apostle Cook and his
team really labored with me to get down to all the roots of the problems going on in my life.
They were prompt, professional, and in sync. It has been over two years since we did our COH
session and I just want to give you an update on all the success that I've had since then. After our
session, I went on to be the leading rusher and league leader in rushing touchdowns through 6
games in my professional football arena league. After that, I received an opportunity to play
overseas on Germany, where I did really well. It didn't stop there! In 2022 I received many
overseas pro football opportunities and ended up going to play in Cancun, Mexico! Since we had
our session, I got a divorce and have since remarried. I have a totally new life that is wonderful
with a child on the way. I start a new job as a software engineer in a few days! I have told people
about your book all over the world! Keep doing what you're doing! It's working!
Caleb S.

Yes, most assuredly, I could not be doing what I’m doing without having gone through a COH
session! Life is very busy right now with having rolled out my radio program. I have no doubt
the COH was a turning point for me.
Candace L.


We had been learning and studying about the Courts of Heaven for the last couple of years.
When we met Dr. Bruce Cook and found out that he had written a book on the subject, and he
and his team offered Court sessions to cleanse the ancestral bloodline, we were very interested.
My wife and I found that he and his team were very prepared and thorough. The process was
God-honoring, Biblical and effective. Personally, I have a new level of peace, am sleeping better
and have started dreaming, which is an answer to prayer.
We are happy to recommend Dr. Bruce Cook and his team to anyone looking to have more
freedom in their walk with Christ. Thank you Dr. Bruce for facilitating our Court session!
Kevin G.

I want to thank you for all your time and your team for all their time with us in the Court session
we had with you all.
It was so wonderful and refreshing to see and know that our bloodline is now clear and clean
before the Lord. It was so freeing and liberating. I was able to pray for one of my daughters and
go into Court and request the work that was done with your team for our family/bloodline and
request that it be applied to her and I saw the folder shrink down to just a few pages in her
heavenly book. Wow!!
We were able to continue with her for just those few things and get her book in heaven updated
and cleared out. What a blessing to see it already affecting the next generation with great
blessing and freedom. What a good work you and your team are doing in the earth for the Body
of Christ! Thank you!!
Sabrena G.


I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support and prayers
you offered me during a particularly challenging period in my life through the Courts of Heaven.
The strength of these prayers was a source of immense breakthrough for me. It gave me a sense
of hope that I cannot put into words and guided me through a very dark season in my life. I

firmly believe the Courts of Heaven played a significant role in helping me overcome the
challenge I faced. And you and your team’s thoughtfulness and knowledge were instrumental in
the breakthrough I received. I would like to say that anyone who is looking for a major
breakthrough in their life should come to you and your team. Dr. Bruce, please accept my
warmest regards and blessings.
Sandra W.

There was so much going on in the last few years. I had many breakthroughs and blessings. Not
long after our session, God connected me during the pandemic to an online group lead by an
older couple of missionaries from the U.S., which really let me grow spiritually.
In the area of finances, from hardly getting by, and living in an old, broken home, where many
things spiritually were going on, we moved about one year ago to a nice apartment, where there
is nothing broken and it’s just like we wanted at the abatement. And in my work place, God
removed and is still removing some people the devil was using, with one result being that I could
get in the last three years only 20-40% work to now having an 80% work week. That means from
working only from 1-2 days a week, I work 80% or 4 days a week now. Before our session the
company would change it [my schedule], and also it came out that they were paying others for
the same work more per month. They changed that, too. God is so good.
Also, spiritually I experienced an increase. I dream so many prophetic dreams now and in the
daytime I experience that I have a more clear word for people.
God bless you guys so much.
Aster B.


Before becoming aware of our ancestral/generational bloodline issues, we were struggling as a
family, with several members who had long-term chronic health issues, which were adversely
affecting both our work and personal lives, and robbing us of finances with lower income and
staggering medical expenses. The doctors were stumped and there were no real answers.
When each family member entered a Courts of Heaven (COH) session, immediately the seers
identified clear and common patterns/strongholds that needed to be addressed. It was shocking to
see and realize the negative impact that our ancestral bloodline sins had been having on our
family. Each one of us began repenting of personal sins as well as the sins in our bloodlines, and
only then we began to see their power broken. Everything that was stuck began progressing and
changing for the better.

Major health answers and breakthroughs have become routine and we now see our lives
confirming what Scripture says, rather than defying it. Now that all of us have had our
ancestral/generational bloodline issues completely resolved and removed, each generation in our
family going forward can live free from the devastating influence of the sins, lies and curses of
our forefathers. We are each experiencing growth in our personal desire and passion as believers,
and better able to make a difference in the world and fulfill God‘s original purpose and destiny
for our lives.
Bradley and Melody V. P.