Welcome to the Courts of Heaven website. You are our honored guest and we look forward to serving you. Thank you for your interest in the Courts of Heaven. If you are looking for freedom, breakthrough, justice, healing, or financial release, then you have come to the right place. Our experienced, anointed team of seers are all commissioned ministry leaders in the body of Christ who are ready to help you present, navigate and advocate your case in the Courts of Heaven. You are the very reason this ministry exists, and we invite you to scroll through our website to learn more.

Dr. Cook is a servant leader with a servant’s heart and he and his ministry team look forward to praying with you to present your case in the Courts of Heaven and to serve as part of your legal team along with Jesus, your Advocate and the Holy Spirit, your Counselor. We strongly encourage you to read and/or watch some or all of the many books and videos by Apostle Robert Henderson that explain the Courts of Heaven in greater detail. These include, among others, Operating in the Courts of Heaven, Unlocking Destiny in the Courts of Heaven, Receiving Healing from the Courts of Heaven,  Prayers & Declarations that Open the Courts of Heaven, The Cloud of Witnesses in the Courts of Heaven, Unlocking Wealth from the Courts of Heaven, 365 Prayers and Activations for Entering the Courts of Heaven: Daily Revelation for Supernatural Breakthrough, and Father, Friend and Judge. Essentially, the purpose of the Courts of Heaven is to plead our case and to seek justice and mercy before the Righteous Judge and Creator of the Universe, Abba Father, and to silence the voice of the Accuser, Satan, against our ancestral bloodlines, and to remove any legal access or right of Satan to accuse, attack, harass, intimidate or torment us or our families through our ancestral bloodlines.


Session length varies depending on the nature and complexity of the case and type of session and petitioner, but each session averages 4 (four) hours in length so it is recommended that those desiring such ministry prepare themselves beforehand and allocate sufficient time. Each session is comprehensive in scope and in most cases, only one session is needed or required for a case. Note: Each participant in a session must be a Christian to have legal standing in the Courts of Heaven. Depending on availability of our ministry team and volume of requests, It may be necessary to schedule your session several weeks in advance. Sessions may be scheduled six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Our team rests on Sunday, worships the Lord, fellowships with the saints, and spends time with family.


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Please do not read this book merely for a fresh theory or theology of leadership. Though it provides both, it also provides much more— practical strategies and spiritual exercises to implement personal and corporate transformation. It is rare for an author to have the experience and expertise necessary to deliver on such broad and ambitious objectives. This book demonstrates that Will Meier has all the multiform gifting required.


Director of Transforming Business and Senior Fellow

We are living in a time of unprecedented global transformation. Amid chaos and uncertainty lie amazing potential and opportunity. This book is a gift to our world in such as time as this. It is a practical guide for all aspiring or functioning leaders, a road map, a companion’s guide on how to become the type of leader our world so desperately needs. It’s one of the best leadership books I have read!


Author, Award-winning Researcher, and Global Health Professional and Activist

Engineer, leader, and long-haul learner, Will Meier, gives us fresh, innovative insights to decipher ways to cooperate with God as Master Gardener as He tends and grooms us. Will’s constructs help tie down the loose ends, flights of fancy, fresh joys, and puzzling pieces that come up when we are freed to look up after an arduous, daily “calling” journey. He supplies tools to address the leadership vacuum.


Executive Director, Encouragers, Inc.


Dr. Cook was ordained in Christian ministry in 1985, has been a Christian for over 50 years, and has been commissioned by Apostle Robert Henderson, GPEC and Global Reformers, Waco, Texas; Apostles Chuck Pierce, Peter and Doris Wagner, and Glory of Zion and Global Spheres, Corinth and Denton, Texas; as well as by Apostle Mark Henderson of Glory House Ministries, Austin, Texas; and Apostle Jess Bielby of Gospel Associates, Benton, Kansas. Dr. Cook is also a seasoned marketplace leader and a 1994 doctoral graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of VentureAdvisers.com, Inc. and Kingdom House Publishing and is the co-founder of KEYS Network and KCIA and a frequent speaker for conferences and churches. Dr. Cook has hosted and convened over a dozen marketplace  and Seven Mountains of Culture kingdom summits for Christian business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and managers. Dr. Cook is also a published author and has written nine books, including his latest, Prayers for Cleansing Ancestral Bloodlines in the Courts of Heaven.